Preventing underage drinking starts with a conversation and ends with a commitment.

A future without underage drinking is totally possible – and the numbers are even trending in that direction – but it’s going to take a collective effort with teens pledging to stay “sober ‘til 21” and parents pledging “under 21, no can”!

For Youth

Join the three out of four teens who don’t drink, and take the pledge to stay alcohol-free until 21!

Youth - Sober 'Til 21 Pledge

For Parents

Talk to your teens about the dangers of drinking and don’t provide access to alcohol to anyone underage.

Parents - Under 21, No Can Pledge

The biggest fact teens need to know is that the majority of teens do not drink!

Of Hawai‘i teens who drink, 85% report getting alcohol from home without their parents’ knowledge. Saying “no” to alcohol doesn’t make you weird. It makes you normal!

Teens who do not drink at all

Report getting alcohol from older family members who are not their parents/guardians

Teen deaths caused by intoxication from alcohol

As a parent, encourage and support behavior that prevents underage drinking.

It’s cool to be uncool. Don’t let teens drink. Just remember, if you provide alcohol to a minor, you could face up to 1 year in jail and fines up to $2,000. So enjoy responsible time with your ‘ohana and encourage positive behavior.

Teens who claims that their parents are a leading influencer on their opinion of drinking


More likely to be involved in a car crash when starting to drink at a young age

Car crashes with teenagers which involve an underage drunk driver